New IRS Forms Changes for Employers in 2020!

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New IRS Forms for Employers in 2020! Learn What Changes Impact Employers! There have been many changes to the workplace IRS regulations impacting Employers. With changes impacting payroll and IRS regulations, it is critical for Employers and their agents (HR Professionals, Managers, Leadership) to be aware of how the regulations impact Employers and employees.
From W-4 forms, 1099 forms, W-2 Forms, ACA Regulations it is a wonder how Employers manage to keep up with all the requirements.
Moreover, it is important to have the correct information to communicate to employees which means that training is part of the process.

.  Adding Exempt/Non-Exempt classification
.  Off the Clock Work
.  Independent contractor
.  Overtime New Regulations
.  W-2 Deadlines
.  Minimum Wage Guidelines
.  New Benefit Guidelines
.  Pail Leave Guidelines
.  The IRS increased the standard deduction to $12,400 for single filers and $24,800 for married couples filing jointly.
.  An individual can transfer up to $11.58 million without being subject to the 40% federal estate and gift tax, up from $11.4 million in 2019 are all impacting Employers and need to be compliant


.  How does the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 impact the new workplace tax forms
.  What are the changes to the W-4 form and why all the confusion?
.  What expenses have now been removed
.  How are Employees reacting to the changes?
.  Why the TCJA made the IRS regulations?
.  What are the changes to the W-4 form and when should it be used
.  How the Payroll Associations responded to the new changes
.  What Should Employers Understand and be compliant for tax purposes
.  What is the impact to employees and why should they make changes to their W-4 form and 1040 taxes?
.  When should changes to the W4 be made to accommodate the best plan for employees?
.  How to communicate changes to new employees and current employees
.  How many payroll forms are there?
.  What are the 1099 and W-9 Form drafts
.  What brackets have changed
.  The types of questions and answers to many of the inquiries by employees to complete the W-4
.  How to prepare for the changes with your payroll processing
.  Exempt/Non-Exempt classification
.  How to mitigate all the IRS and Payroll Requirements


.     All Employers across industry

.    Small/Medium Business Owners

.    Company Leadership

.    Compliance professionals

.     Payroll Administrators

.     HR Professionals

.     Finance and Accounts Professionals

.     Office Managers/Supervisors

Anyone interested in learning the changes to workplace Tax forms and updates

Free customized compliance tool for all attendees

**Ask your question directly to our expert during the Q&A session following the live webinar.

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