ADA, Section 504, and the Protection of Students with Disabilities

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The lack of understanding colleges and universities have in regard to ADA and 504 is disturbing, given the length of time both have been in effect.By examining the rules and how they are applied in institutions of higher education, higher educational professionals can replicate successful models that both ensure equal access to education, as well as the prevention of unnecessary and costly federal audits. 

This presentation with expert Kent Seaver should educate the higher education community in the proper way to navigate issues regarding ADA and 504 on college campuses. Even in today’s world of constant informational bombardment, too many schools are ignorant of the rights of both students and colleges. By becoming better familiar with these federal disability laws, colleges and universities can create policies that provide a positive, welcoming and encouraging arena for your students with disabilities.In doing so, educators can create an environment where differences are not viewed as negative impediments, but instead as areas where individual strengths are recognized.

Session Highlights:

. Understand the relationship between ADA and Section 504 and how they relate to your institution

. Analyze various Justice Departments “Agreements”and how they affect access on campuses

. Examine recurring issues that can adversely affect an ADA audit

. Gain an insight into ADA compliance issues as they relate to reasonable accommodation

. Discuss Best Practices to ensure institutional compliance and student safety

Who Should Attend:

. ADA and 504 Coordinators

. Counselors

. Advisors

. Faculty members

. Directors of Equal Opportunity Programs

. Directors of College Campuses

. Coordinators of Student Affairs

. Directors of Special Education

. Directors of Pupil Services

. Director of Human Resources

. Directors of Student Services

. Directors of Public Safety

. Directors of Facility Operations

Understanding and enforcement of ADA and 504 is truly a team effort,and all members of the team should be aware of the best steps to ensure a safe and compliant campus.

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