Preparing for Payroll Year-End 2017


Duration : 60 min


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The year-end is approaching fast and you are probably readying your self for fresh W-2 forms reissued by the IRS in 2017. But, before that you need to submit payroll reports for 2016 as well! The W-2 form is probably the most important form when it comes to payroll reporting since it needs to be maintained for all paid employees at your workplace and is submitted to both IRS and FICA for taxation. Chances are that mistakes might creep in during payroll and tax calculation. You don’t want an IRS litigation against you, do you? This webinar is here to help!

Since the IRS provides updated tax rates and changes how taxable income is calculated each year, you as a seasoned payroll professional don’t need to worry much. This webinar by expert Dayna Reum will assist payroll and compensation professionals on how the 2016 W-2 form is to be submitted and will also discuss changes to the payroll legislation for 2017.This webinar will also assist the W-2 newcomer to understand all the boxes on the form W-2 and what should be reported and how.  A brief overview of year-end and W-2 best practices will also be discussed to help you get your reporting right and error-free! 

Key Focus ofthe Conference:

.  W-2 Requirements

.  W-2 box by box review

.  Updated legislation to consider for W-2 and 2016

.  State by State discussion of special W-2 considerations

.  Year End and W-2 best Practices

.  New year legislation

.  Review of new W-2 reporting deadlines and updatesto how we process the W-2 form.

Who Should Attend: 

.  Payroll Professionals

.  HR Professionals

.  Compensation Professionals

.  Business Owners


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