Filing A Discrimination Complaint with HUD

LIVE  May 22, 2019 1:00PM EST

Duration : 60 min

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More than 40 years after passage of the federal Fair Housing Act, housing discrimination continues to harm millions of Americans. The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status (families with children under 18) or disability. This course will teach you how to file a discrimination complaint with HUD.


Housing discrimination complaints may be filed for up to one year after the discriminatory housing practice occurs or ends. . However, it is best to file your complaint as soon as possible. After the filling of the complaint HUD will investigate your claim. You will learn the entire procedure in depth and will learn how HUD will try to conciliate the claim before it goes to a final hearing.

Some of the penalties that HUD may instates if you are found guilty of discrimination include:

To pay you money for actual damages, including out of pocket expenses, humiliation and suffering caused by the discrimination.

Actual damages means money to compensate you for any injury you suffered as a result of the discrimination, including emotional distress; provide injunctive or other equitable relief—such as allowing you to rent or buy the dwelling; pay the federal government a  civil penalty; and pay your attorney fees and costs, if you hired your own attorney.

You will learn all the strategies of the complaint and what you can do to avoid a complaint in the first place.

We will cover topics such as:

.  How to File the complaint
.  Conciliation
.  The investigation
.  The administrative hearing
.  Remedies
.  Federal Court Action
.  How to file your own lawsuit
.  We will also cover what the federally mandated protected classes are with examples.


.  Property Managers

.  Property Owners          

.  Leasing Consultants

.  Housing Authority Staff

.  Tenants

.  Tenant associations

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