Raising employee engagement at workplace

Nov 12, 2017

In order to raise employee engagement at the workplace, a lot of commitment, dedication and mutual respect is required to create the right environment for the employee. It certainly is no copy paste trick that will make the organisation a better company to work. Here one can learn some keys for boosting employee engagement which will help to bring your team together and promote empowerment, engagement and enhanced performance.

Following are some simple keys to promote employee engagement:

1. Encourage Your Employees to Speak Up

A lot of employees feel awkward at the thought of speaking their minds. This can be because of a number of reasons, but the important thing is to focus on breaking it down. The employees may have creative ideas or valuable information and solutions to strengthen your organisation.

The employee should be made comfortable in communicating without the judgement and scaring of comments. Directing an "open door" policy is fundamental and group discussion can help them discuss anything that may be on their minds. Encouraging the employees to a more open and secure space of communication will more likely help them in delivering great ideas.

2. Clear visions and Goals (Clearing up the Goals and Responsibilities

Every employee in as organisation has a set of tasks and goals they have to work on.  One of the huge contributing causes of declining engagement levels is the confusion over what one’s responsibility actually is.

It is very important to clear an employee's goals and responsibility to boost your employee engagement strategy. With every new project, it is important to discuss in detail the strategy and to take time to solve any query that your employees may have. You may have to spend extra time interpreting things, but the fact is, with the employee's goals clear, you will be likely to experience less headache as an outcome.

3. Fun with Work

In modern office culture, many people relate work to boredom or drudgery. People think that "work" and "fun" are two words which are mutually segregated and that fun is something to be experienced outside working hours. In reality, there are a number of ways to incorporate fun and work, and the profits of doing so on employee engagement levels within your organization are endless.

In order to achieve this, you do not have to disturb your normal workweek in any way. You can build a wall of fame, create a humour bulletin, and conduct contests within the organisation and take a little time out for some physical/sports activity. These are just a few ways through which you can change the wearisome to something more exciting for you and your employees. This will surely benefit you in enhancing employee engagement and lowering the stress levels.

4. Celebrating Birthdays, Accomplishments etc.

Celebrating your staff is as important as having fun. Particular events can be chosen to celebrate , with time out from the day. These events can be birthdays, work anniversary, or big professional accomplishments.

5. Being flexible 

A lot of employers do not give the employees the freedom to adjust their work schedules or place to be better suit their needs. They do not allow the employees to work from home or arrange their own working hours, but analytically, employees with flexible working hours and locations are more productive, contented, and more engaged than 8-to-5 cubicle jockeys.

Employers should be more caring towards the employee, after all they are a company's greatest asset.

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