Form I-9 Update 2019 Are you ready for Audits
August 01, 2019

Skillnotch announces webinar titled, “Form I-9 Update 2019 Are you ready for Audits” that will review all of your electronic options when it comes to the Form I-9 and how you company can best become more electronic.

Now the I-9 has just about expired what do employers do now, also will cover the most recent updates to the I-9 and documents that can and cannot be accepted.

The webinar will cover key topics including:-

Understand the recent updates to the Form I-9 as of 07/17/2017 and beyond

Understanding the new I-9 requirements for individuals working in the US on temporary work visas.

Review section by section of the form

Review what the requirements are to keep form I-9 electronic

How to avoid mistakes in the I-9 process from document abuse to discrimination

How to handle Audits in regards to the I-9

Review of April 2018 E-verify system updates

Status of expiration of form I-9

Review of taking SSN Cards and what you need to know

Understand electronic I-9 requirements

Understand proper processing of each section of the Form I-9

Review of anti-discrimination laws and how employers can protect themselves

Review all updates of the e-verify system and why you should use it.

The 60-minute webinar will be conducted by our STAR SPEAKER OF THE MONTH Dayna Reum who will get you ready to know all the details of the new form along with how to properly complete it.
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