Travel Pay: Handling it Right in 2018

Skillnotch announces webinar titled, “Travel Pay: Handling it Right in 2018” that will cover all the (DOL) department of labor requirements for employees that travel to include not only travel pay for a one day assignment but overnight concerns, waiting time, meeting and training regulations .

This webinar will also include IRS regulations for a betterunderstanding around taxable and non-taxable expenses.  Also, you will getto know to properly handle spousal travel and frequent flyer miles.

Join our expert Dayna Reum on Mar 23, 1PM EST to gain valuable knowledge on what is considered compensable travel pay from a gross pay and overtime calculation.  Real life court cases will be shared to help expand learning.  This webinar will also give the tools for the participant to understand how to also handle the expenses from and IRS and taxation concern for employee that travel.

The webinar will cover key topics including

.  Gross Pay/Overtime Concerns

.  Defining“Hours Worked”

.  Preliminary and Post-liminary Activities

.  “On-Call”Time

.  “On-Duty”Waiting Time

.  Training And Seminar Time

.  Travel Time

.  Taxation and Expense Concerns

.  IRS Travel Expense Concerns

.  Accountable and Non-accountable Expense plans

The 60-minute webinar will be conducted by our STAR SPEAKER OF THE MONTH Dayna Reum that will help you how to look up state rules and howto review several state rules to determine the proper taxation.

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