Handling Multi-state Payroll Taxation 2018

Skillnotch announces webinar titled, “Handling Multi-state Payroll Taxation 2018” that

Will help you better understand the laws in each state and the taxguidance on how to determine taxation when employees live in one state and workin another.  Additionally, it will also cover what you need to do whenemployees work in multiple states and travel for work.

Join our payroll expert DaynaReum on Feb 26, 2018 at 1 PM EST, who will also discuss the other statelaws affecting payroll along with withholding rules, reciprocity and residencydefinitions. 

Thewebinar will cover key topics including

.  Residency

.  Reciprocity Agreements

.  Resident/Non-ResidentWithholding Rules

.  Evaluating taxation formultiple states

.  What wages are subject totaxation in 2018?

.  Withholding compliance issues

.  State Unemployment Insurance

.  Traveling Employees

.  Administrative Concerns

.  HR Concerns

.  Local tax residency rules

The 60-minute webinarwill be conducted by our STAR SPEAKER OF THE MONTH Dayna Reumthat will help you how to look up state rules and how to review several state rulesto determine the proper taxation.

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