Why your organization can’t do without female talents?

Dec 10,2017

There are many documented policies on equality between men and women at the workplace. The ones most in use is on discrimination and sexual harassment that many women have to go through on & off basis. There are many ways this can be curbed. Organizations need to understand the importance of female talent and their value addition. 

Currently, many initiatives are taken and implemented focusing on gender balance issues and best practices on curbing sexism.

Companies need to create a work culture free of sexism at any cost. This means educating all employees about discrimination and gender bias-ness.

Additionally, there must be more options for women in transiting into leadership roles.

As per many market surveys, it is a known fact that a diverse at the workplace is always successful. So what stops companies in promoting women? We all know that men already occupy a strong majority of the C-suite which often becomes a discouraging factor for most of the women to break the glass. Also, there are not many futuristic visions that is set by the leadership seeing a women to take on that responsibility. Strong and potential female leaders should be encouraged to take short-term trainings on skill development, management goals in order to nurture their future.

Moreover, mentoring opportunities should be awarded to senior women employees wherein their experience could help shape and define the goals and measures for the in-experienced employees.

Furthermore, the flexible working hours always result in higher productivity for any business. Organizations should allow females to adjust their working schedules such as taking care of their sick child, sick family member, attending school functions and plays etc. This helps maintain a healthy work-life balance. The end outcome is to focus on performance and not time spend at work. It will surely add employee’s loyalty towards the organization.

Lastly, empowering female employees to shape the company’s culture and promoting success. This will give them unmatched pride in highlighting their efforts. Not only treating women well but providing them with suitable opportunities for professional development with competitive wages is the core key for retaining the top female talent for any organization’s success path.

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